Salt is the exchange for a completely new kind of digital asset.

Our team of financial and technology experts help brands create unique, value-backed currencies. Enabling them to digitally activate and encourage the loyalty of their customer base.

Meet the team

Say hi to the faces who are changing the financial ecosystem.

Richard Harries
+44 7503280737

Richard co-founded Salt because he believes the financial industry needs shaking up. During his 15 years in the industry, he helped financial institutions deliver on their strategic, operational and regulatory objectives. However, his truest passion has always been on the side of FinTech.

Now, he’s combining his enthusiasm and expertise to oversee the overall commercial growth and profitability of Salt.

Natasha Malhotra
+44 7944073520

Natasha co-founded Salt because she wants to foster a new kind of financial eco-system. With over 10 years in the field, her expertise falls under financial services regulation and emerging technologies, particularly artificial intelligence.

Now, she oversees business operations, implements strategy and is responsible for the overall operational governance of the business.

Peter Ritchie

Peter joined the Salt team to offer a viable solution for businesses in search of commercial funding. An expert in his field, Peter has more than 20 years of financial services executive experience, holding CFO roles for leading institutions.

Now, Peter is responsible for all finance and audit aspects of the business. He also leads the overall financial and accounting proposition for Salt’s commercial clients.

David Kelly
+4477 0326 2195

David joined Salt to create the next generation of banking intermediation. David has over 20 years’ experience in the Investment Banking sector having held a number of senior leadership roles in front office technology, market risk and quantitative analytics at Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch and JP Morgan.

David is responsible for the design, build and delivery of Salt’s industry-transforming technology that includes; secure platforms for data management, asset transfer facilitation, advanced analytics as well as simple and intuitive customer experience mobile applications.

Joanne Hallmark
Commercial Director
+44 7894272318

Joanne joined the Salt team to lend her expertise in the field of law, to help change the financial landscape for the better. She brings with her the clout of 16 years experience in litigation from her days of being an Associate Partner at a City law firm.

Now, Joanne is responsible for all contractual and procurement matters with the company’s clients, partners and suppliers. She also acts as Company Secretary.

Heather-Anne Hubbell
MD Digital Bonds
+44 7919352548

Heather-Anne joined the Salt team to lend her expertise in the fields of capital markets, risk management and governance to support a new financial eco-system. She brings with her 25 years experience in law, financial services regulation and consultancy, having worked for and with some of the largest global law firms, consultancies and financial institutions.

Now, she leads the strategy and delivery of all digital bonds aspects of the business and is responsible for the overall regulatory compliance of Salt Exchange.